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About Us
Russell Mechanical, Inc., established in 1982, is a full service construction company.  Our long success in the industrial community serves us well in designing for constructability, building for economy, and managing construction for the big picture.  We handle large-scale projects where smaller firms may be unable to meet service and quality expectations, yet we out perform larger companies by providing superior pricing and more personalized service.  Our approach was developed to save time and money.  Our engineers, managers and craftsmen/artisans take your concept and turn it into reality.  We modularize systems, where possible, so they can be prefabricated, assembled and tested in the controlled environment of our 40,000 square foot facility.  By designing and assembling systems at the micro level, they are easier to install and maintain at the macro level.

Our Mission:
At Russell Mechanical, Inc., our mission is to provide the best quality and services possible,  We've maintained our family roots and have a reputation for integrity.  We've grown with our customers, proving ourselves capable with projects of all kinds and in every aspect of industrial construction management.

Russell Quality:
Most people in our industry view quality as working to customer specifications, drawings, guidelines, and codes.  We not only abide by all of these, but as close to perfection as humanly possible, we do things right the first time.  We don't leave problems for others to fix.

Russell Service:
At Russell Mechanical, Inc., we manage every project from our customers' perspective.  We accommodate your schedule, meet the quality requirements of a project (the first time), and we react quickly to problems.  Our continual goal is to save you time, money, and aggravation by doing the job the way we'd want it done if we were you.

Russell Integrity:
In an industry where some people promise more than they deliver, charge more than they profess, and perform below their pledge, at Russell Mechanical, Inc. we pride ourselves on going beyond expectations to prove ourselves a dependable long term resource for our customers.  The fact that we work on a "time and material" basis for many of our clients speaks to the high level of trust we have earned.