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When you hire a firm for designing your ideas what do you get? Most of the time you probably get exactly what was on your sketch. That does not work for Russell Mechanical, Inc. Why? For us it is important to know exactly what you want to accomplish. From there our design team will look at every angle to find the best design to achieve your goals. Our design team includes engineers and Cad designers
yes, but also include constructability input from our Construction Managers as well as operators of the plant. Our designs take into consideration efficiency, space, energy use, routing and ease of maintenance among the myriad design criteria.

All our designs are modeled in three dimensions guaranteeing accuracy. For retrofits our designers model the existing surroundings insuring the fitup and red flagging problem areas. We go the extra mile in the design phase to eliminate man hours in construction.

For questions regarding our design group email our Senior Engineer, Will Wakamiya at
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Construction Management

Successful construction projects require the orchestration of an immense variety of actions, skills and outcomes. At Russell Mechanical, Inc. we have proven ourselves as effective construction managers. Our experience at every stage of the process combines with our skill in fostering cooperation so that projects are completed on time and well within budget.

Our construction management team includes our onsite managers, estimators and schedulers all lead by our Director of Field Services, Patrick Wanner. For questions regarding budgets, proposals and construction management of your projects email Pat Wanner at


Russell Mechanical, Inc. earned many of our design/build and construction management clients by handling their most difficult retrofit and fabrication projects. When it comes to systems within systems we are the experts at developing fabrications which meet your goals and expectations.

When it comes to quality no one surpasses the crafts personnel in the Russell Mechanical, Inc. fabrication facility.

Our crafts personnel have produced everything from multiple story structural steel buildings to one of a kind exotic alloy aerospace components. Some of our commonly produced fabrications are;

Bins     ▪     Blow Pipe         Chutes      ▪      Conveyors

Ductwork   ▪ Elevators   ▪   Flumes    ▪     Filter Screens

Glove Boxes   Guards     Handrailing      Hoppers

Ladders   ▪   Mezzanines   ▪  Pipe Spools   ▪   Platforms

Skids     ▪      Structural Steel      ▪     Tanks     ▪     TCU (Temperature Control Units)

All welders are qualified to AWS D.1.1 and ASME Section IX.
Process and Utility Piping

Over the years Russell Mechanical, Inc.’s piping managers, fitters and welders have fabricated and installed thousands of miles of pipe. From instrumentation tubing to 60” welded pipeline and from carbon steel, stainless steel and exotics to PVC, CPVC, Kinar and fiberglass Russell Mechanical, Inc. has done it all. We specialize in high pressure and volatile chemical systems. We are also specialists in Teflon lined pipe, Vacuum jacketed pipe and Pyrex. A few examples of systems we have installed are;

Ultra Pure Argon    ▪    Hydrogen    ▪    LOX    ▪    Steam    ▪    Compressed Air

Nitrogen    ▪     Volatile Chemical    ▪    Food Grade     ▪     Glycol     ▪     Freon

Cryogenic    ▪    Water    ▪   Potable Water    ▪    Instrument Air   ▪   Chemical

All welders are qualified to AWS D1.1 and ASME Section IX.
Structural Steel

Russell Mechanical, Inc. designs, fabricates and installs structural steel in accordance with AISC. Whether a lone pipe support or a four story building, Russell Mechanical, Inc.’s structural steel managers, foremen, and crew are always one step ahead and thinking outside the box. Recently, our team of fabricators and installers constructed a four story office building in the middle of busy downtown Sacramento, California in “record time” according to one inspector.

All welders are qualified to AWS D1.1.
Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal crafts personnel are meticulous in the work they perform. Generally, sheet metal work is thought of as ducting and we do that too. However, our sheet metal managers and crew have layed out and fabricated very intricate alloy projects requiring polishing. One feat of expertise performed by our sheet metal crew was to replace the middle section of several large grain silos…..while they were still in place with a conveyor bridging them….and the conveyor was running. We at Russell like a good challenge.
Equipment Installation

We provide fully operational, turnkey equipment sets. We position your equipment for ideal operation, install all the necessary appurtenances such as piping, ducting, electrical or other components and treat each component separately and as a whole. The job is not over until you are fully operational.

We could not be successful were it not for the behind the scene jobs performed by our administrative staff. Russell Mechanical, Inc. has full time;

Contract Administrator
Human Resources
Shipping and Receiving

These folks go mostly unseen but whose help is required for the success of any project.
A Quality Minded Team

The Russell Team is dedicated to our clients' best interests. Our people have been trained to accurately evaluate situations to bring them to quick resolution. They are deeply experienced in the industry. We bring together each team for the specific requirements of the project. Our teams are accountable for both the completion of projects and successfully handling relationships with the clients they serve.